Summer Fair

Everyone is very excited about the summer fair taking place on the school playground on Thursday 3rd July from 3:10pm – 4:30pm.  Thank you to everyone working very hard to make the event a success!

The PTA requests that children come to school on Thursday morning wearing non-uniform along with a donation of £1.00.  Any children who do not bring a donation will also be welcome to wear non-uniform.

The fair itself will begin at the end of the school day.  All children will remain in their classes to be collected by their parents. Children can be collected from their class from 3:00pm. Any children who are not attending the spring fair will then be dismissed from class in the usual manner.

Activities and events at the fair will include:

–       Football tournament;

–       Choir and performing arts performance;

–       ‘Street/African’ dance performance by red class;

–       ‘Hand jive’ dance performance by yellow class;

–       Violin performance;

–       Brass performance;

–       Recorder performance;

–       Folk dancing performance;

–       Raffle.

In addition to this, there will be all the usual stalls and games which children and adults can play.  Children will also be selling their products which they have made through their ‘mini-enterprise’ design technology topic.

However, we are in urgent need of volunteers:

–       To help out on some of the stalls on the day;

–       To help set up the stalls on Wednesday night.

If you are able to help, it would be greatly appreciated.  The PTA are a small but dedicated group but on some occasions rely on the help of others to lend a hand.