Partnership with Rhydri Primary

In the last few weeks, the school has been approached by the local authority to support Rhydri Primary School which is currently undergoing difficulties. Bedwas Junior School is well regarded across Caerphilly Local Authority and it is believed that our good practice will help Rhydri Primary to raise standards. The Governing Body has met and agreed to this temporary proposal. We are very pleased to be given this opportunity as the collaboration between both schools will bring benefits to all pupils and teaching staff including shared expertise and increased finances.

For the remainder of the summer term, the following measures will be in place:

  • Mr Warren will become acting Head Teacher of Rhydri Primary in addition to his current role as Head Teacher of Bedwas Junior School. If the collaboration with Rhydri Primary ends, Mr Warren will remain as Head Teacher of Bedwas Junior School.
  • Miss Bodenham will remain as Deputy Head Teacher of Bedwas Junior School and will also maintain her commitment to her Year 3 class.
  • All other teachers and support staff will remain in their current roles.

The Governing Body will continue to monitor the impact of the partnership between both schools. Please contact the school office to make an appointment with Mr Warren should you have any further questions.