Enterprise Troopers Competition – ‘Multiple Madness’

The Enterprise Troopers competition is part of the Welsh Government’s campaign to support young people in Wales to increase their awareness of business and improve their understanding of economic wellbeing.

Earlier this year, Orange class designed and created an app aimed at helping children to learn their multiplication tables. Children created a concept where a character in the game would jump over obstacles when a multiplication question is answered correctly. Using ‘Scratch’ software, the children wrote the ‘code’ needed to create the game itself. They also designed and created the background and the character which are both used in the game.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 15.08.26

Set in space, Blip is trying to escape from a spaceship but must jump obstacles to avoid being caught. By clicking on the right answer, Blip jumps over the obstacles and continues to escape. In each game, the player has three lives. The application is a fun way for children to recall their times tables at an ever increasing speed.

The school has worked in partnership with the Software Academy from the Cardiff School of Computer Science and Informatics to develop the app so that it is available to purchase through Google Play. The school has also worked with a digital leader from the Welsh Government to make the app suitable for play on the Hwb.

In a few weeks, the children’s app will be available to buy in two ways:

  1. An area of the Hwb has been created which can be viewed by subscribers to the app.
  2. The app will also be available to buy through Google Play. This means that the game will be able to be played on mobile phones and tablets which use Android platforms. The name of the app is ‘Multiple Madness’ which should be possible to locate using the search tool.

Part of the profits raised through the sale of the game will be allocated towards the NSPCC.

The children of Orange Class have reached the regional final of the Enterprise Troopers Competition which is due to take place on Wednesday 25th February. On this day, children will be asked about the creation of their app and how much profit has been made as a result.

We hope you will support the children’s work. It is a great game which the children will enjoy playing and will raise funds for the school and NSPCC. Thank you to Mr Ankin and Orange class for all their hard work. Information on how to purchase the app will be made available on the children’s return to school after half term.