Special Event – copy of letter coming home with pupils today.

 Dear Parents / Carers,

 Special Event – Behaviour Reward – Tuesday 14th July

On Tuesday 14th July, the children will be taking part in a ‘special event’ which recognises the children’s hard work and good behaviour throughout the year. This year, the children will be travelling to Margam Park in Port Talbot where they will have the opportunity to play sporting activities on the recreational ground, have fun play in the playground area and walk around the park looking at the wildlife. After a packed lunch, they will be allowed to have an ice cream.

 This is the school’s way of saying thank you to all the children for their dedication to school and their willingness to learn. ‘Special event’ does not require a parental contribution and therefore children are only required to bring a packed lunch, permission to travel on the coach and money to buy an ice-cream. A packed lunch will be provided for pupils who receive free school meals. Please sign the letter below giving permission for your child to attend.

 Yours sincerely,

Paul Warren