Partnership with Rhydri Primary School

Parents/carers will be aware that earlier in the year Bedwas Junior School was asked to support Rhydri Primary School which had undergone a period of difficulties.  I am pleased to report that the collaboration between the two schools has had a significant impact on standards at Rhydri Primary School.   The partnership between the two schools has also provided additional funds for Bedwas Junior School.  This year, the money has been allocated towards children with additional learning needs and the purchase of a laptop trolley with fifteen laptops.

The Governing Bodies of Bedwas Junior School and Rhydri Primary School have agreed to continue the collaboration between both schools for the next twelve months.  However, it is acknowledged that each school is unique and should maintain their own distinct identities.

Mr Warren will continue his role as Head Teacher at both Bedwas Junior School and Rhydri Primary School.