The Journey to School

As an eco-school, we are fully committed to encouraging all children to walk to school in the morning and at the end of the school day.  The vast majority of our pupils are accompanied by a responsible adult for the duration of the journey.  However, some of the older pupils are given permission by their parent/carers to complete the journey by themselves.  Although this decision rests with the parents, it is helpful that the school is aware of this in the highly unlikely event that a child does not arrive at either school or home at the appropriate time.

Please could all parents/carers complete and return the form indicating if your child walks home on a regular basis.  If your child is always accompanied by a responsible adult or is collected by car, then there is no need to return the form.

If your child will be walking home as a ‘one-off’ then the school requests that parents/carers contact the school office to inform us about the change to their usual arrangements.