School Dress Code

Our School Dress Code is an important way of maintaining standards.  Wearing school uniform also reflects that pupils are part of the school community and helps to create a sense of belonging.

The school uniform comprises:

 Navy jumper with ‘Bedwas Junior School’.

  • White polo-shirt.
  • Grey trousers for boys/girls. Girls may wear grey skirts also.  Blue and white checked dresses may be worn in the summer months.
  • Dark coloured shoes. Black trainers which are designed to look like shoes are acceptable.  However, no other colour other than black is allowed on the trainer.  Parents will be contacted if children are not wearing appropriate footwear.  Boots or wellies are acceptable during rainy weather.  However, children should return to wearing shoes on other days.
  • Dark or grey coloured socks

Please note:  Jogging trousers of any description are not part of everyday school uniform (The only exception being for P.E. lessons in colder weather).

In the interest of hygiene, it is important that children should have a complete change of clothing for P.E. lessons.  They also require plimsolls or trainers.   Parents are asked to purchase a plain white t-shirt for P.E. alongside the rest of the school uniform.  Pupils will require shorts for the summer months.  It is recommended that a suitable jumper is provided for P.E. activities in colder weather.

Please ensure that every item of clothing is marked with your child’s name!

Thank you for your ongoing support,