Eco Schools Questionnaire – Results

Thank you to everyone who returned the questionnaire about the children’s journey back and for to school each day. The results have been extremely useful and will help us create a plan of action that will be implemented from the autumn term.  In total, 94 questionnaires were returned – a great response!

These are the responses to the questions:

How do you usually get to school?

Walk 51 Car 47 Bike 5 Bus 3 Other 5 (Scooter)

How do you usually get home from school?

Walk 53 Car 43 Bike 5 Bus 3 Other 4 (Scooter)

How would you like to travel to and from school?

Walk 49 Car 17 Bike 28 Bus 4 Other 7


How far do you live from the school?

1/2 mile or less 58 1/2 – 1 mile 24 1-2 miles 8 2-3 miles 2 Over 3 miles 2

Do you think your route to school is safe?

Safe 37 Quite Safe 42 Unsure 6 Quite Unsafe 6 Unsafe 3

How many other children travel to and from school with you?

0 22 1 44 2 16 3 8 More than 3 4

If you travel by car, is this journey made only to take or pick you up from school?

Yes 33 No 46

When travelling to or from school, have you ever had a ‘near-miss’ incident?

Yes 14 No 76

In addition to the above, everyone was invited to add further comments. A selection can be found below…

If yes, please give details stating how you were travelling (car, foot etc.)

  • Cars drive too fast at the front of the school.
  • People ignore the lollipop lady at the front of the school.
  • Parking on double yellow lines by the veg. shop.
  • Drivers come out of side streets without looking.
  • Cars reversing into children when parked in the wrong places at the back of the school.
  • Nowhere safe to cross because people park on the zigzags at the back of the school.
  • Walking down country lanes can be dangerous with speeding vehicles.

If you don’t walk or cycle to school regularly, what are the reasons?

  • Parents work commitments/ Time restraints.
  • Childminders do the school runs.
  • Younger siblings make it difficult to walk.
  • More than one school drop off.
  • Wet/cold weather so only allows walking in the summer months.
  • Live too far away to walk.
  • Too dangerous with road safety and cars at the back of the school.
  • Not old enough to walk on their own so easier to be dropped off.
  • No cycle route.
  • Parents live apart so not always able to walk.

Please add any other comments

  •  The front of the school is very dangerous especially when the lollipop lady isn’t there – there needs to be more supervision for the children.
  • Cars speed through the village.
  • Cars’ parking on the zigzags at the back of the school is very dangerous and not safe for the children to walk. Can we use cones/police?
  • There needs to be a lollipop lady at the back of the school.
  • The gate at the back of the school needs to be wider or there needs to be an area on the yard that the parents can wait.
  • Caerphilly/Bedwas lacks cycle routes and crossings.
  • Enjoy walking in the fresh air before a long day in school.
  • Good to walk and reduce carbon footprint.
  • It is very important to encourage children to walk more.

The above comments have proved very helpful and will be used to create a plan which will involve the pupils, the teachers and the wider school community.

To clarify a few points:

  • parents/carers are very welcome to wait inside the school playground up to the mid way point where there is the brick wall. This should hopefully ease conjestion by the gate outside the school.
  • Mrs Wheeler, the school lollypop lady, is employed directly by Caerphilly Local Authority, not the school. We have been given strict instruction by Caerphilly Authority that we are not allowed to supervise the children crossing the road. However, in times of Mrs Wheeler’s absence, we always put a note on the school blog, and contact the local police to see if anyone is available to support.

In the short period up to the end of the school year, can I remind parents/carers not to park on the zig zag lines. I fully appreciate the lack of parking space and understand the temptation to do so.  However, the safety of the children has to take priority on this occasion.

Further information about the school’s current eco-plan can be found on the school blog under the eco-schools section.

Thank you for your ongoing support. It is much appreciated by all.