School Vision Update

Please find below the slightly updated school vision statement.  This statement has been updated to make reference to e-safety and the importance of children staying safe online.

Our vision is to cultivate excellence and enjoyment in learning and teaching, within a stimulating and caring environment, where the achievements of all are celebrated.

 To achieve our vision we will:

  •  create a rich, varied and safe learning environment, both in school and online, where children and staff develop their skills and abilities
  •  have high expectations in everything we do and gain satisfaction from the success of everyone around us
  •  enable children to be happy, confident and independent individuals with a positive outlook for the future
  •  celebrate the diversity of our school community through an inclusive curriculum
  •  nurture the spiritual, moral, social and physical development of the children
  •  work in partnership with parents/carers, governors and the wider community
  •  recognise the links between all aspects of a child’s well being and their ability to learn
  •  encourage children to respect the ideas, values and feelings of others enabling them to build positive relationships
  •  facilitate for enrichment opportunities through the language and heritage of Wales.
  •  provide a creative curriculum which ensures learning is long lasting and supports the development of literacy, numeracy and thinking skills.
  •  embrace new technologies as a learning and teaching tool in order to raise standards across the whole curriculum