‘The Welsh and The Tehuelche’ Animation


Congratulations to the pupils of Purple Class of Bedwas Junior School and Gold Class in Rhydri Primary School who have created an animation about the Welsh settlers first meeting with the Tehuelche people of Patagonia.

Specialist teachers have been working with the classes on the project.  Jeremy Roberts, storyboard artist and Matt Beare, film literacy specialist, helped the children to explore the sequence of events that took place when the Welsh settlers arrived in Patagonia. Pupils learnt about the purpose of a storyboard and created their own based on their research.  Storyboards included the Welsh settlers making and trading bread and learning to hunt. In the next session, pupils wrote scripts based on their storyboards. Working alongside Gerald Conn from ‘Gritty Animation’ children drew and developed an animation using a range of specialist technology.  Finally, children recorded the narration in three languages – English, Welsh and Spanish.  Three versions of film exist in each of the languages.

The animation is currently being entered for a range of film festivals including the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.