Visit to the Apple Store and Rest Bay

During the school year, children often receive rewards for a range of initiatives.  This summer, children who achieved 100% attendance for the summer term were given the opportunity to either attend an IT session at the Apple Store or a surfing lesson at Rest Bay in Porthcawl. The IT trainers and the surfing coaches all commented on the children’s excellent behaviour and their positive attitude to learning.

In the autumn term, we will be seeking feedback from parents/carers on all our incentives, including the recent attendance one.  We would welcome your views on how we continue to provide rewards for the children’s achievements.


 11th – 22nd July 2016 Equivalent percentage last year Summer Term percentage last year
94.4% 91.3% 95.5%

During the summer term, the school saw a good increase in the number of pupils who achieved 100% in the summer term compared with the previous year.  In summer 2015,  26% of pupils achieved 100% attendance.  However, in the summer term this increased to 49%.  This is an increase of 23%.

Historically, attendance in the summer term is approximately about 2% lower than both the autumn and spring.  In the summer term, the overall attendance was 96.08%.  This is higher than the autumn term (96.06%) and the spring term (94.95%).

 Thank you to everyone for supporting this initiative during the summer months.  Regardless of whether children achieved the reward or not, I am very proud of the children for their willingness to try and be in school every day.