New After School Club – Pokémon Trading Card Game

After the popularity of the Pokémon trading club recently, we are pleased to announce a weekly Pokémon after school club. The club will be run every Monday straight after school until 4:15pm and will begin next Monday, 15th May.

The club is an excellent way of encouraging children to read, use their mental maths skills and develop logic and strategy. Every child will receive a 30 card deck of cards, which will be kept in school and given to your child at the end of the summer term. Over the weeks, your child will learn how to use the cards effectively to participate in games with other pupils.

This club will not be run by the school, so there will be a charge for the remainder of the Summer term of £12, which will include 9×1 hour sessions and a pack of 30 cards. As this will be a popular club, we ask that all consent slips are returned to school by Thursday.