phs LifeCycle Easter Competition

phs are fully aware of Bedwas Junior School’s commitment to the environment and have asked all pupils to take part in a competition to design a new design for their trucks. All children have been provided with an A3 piece of paper to draw their designs. We ask that all designs are returned to school on Monday 16th April. Please find further information from phs below:

Everyone produces waste – it’s part of being human. From the moment you’re born to old age, you’ll be using some sort of hygiene waste such as nappies, sanitary and incontinence pads. It’s important we work together to protect the planet as some people dispose of this type of waste down the toilet or it gets sent to landfill. phs are here to help.

Only paper, pee and poo should be flushed down the toilet but some people flush nappies and sanitary products which is not good for the environment. Putting a nappy or a sanitary product into the right bin is important so we can help the environment. We at phs take things like dirty nappies to our processing factory called LifeCycle where we process the waste into energy to power schools like yours.

We want you to show us your take on LifeCycle. So your design should tell us how hygiene waste such as nappies is taken to LifeCycle and is then processed into energy to power schools. The winning entry will get their design blown up on the side of one of phs’ titan trucks and will be seen by many across the motorways. The winning school will win art supplies too!

Get your crayons out over Easter and be a part of our aim to transform the future of waste management. For more information on LifeCycle – please visit and watch our video too!