National Tests – Dates

As parents will be aware, in a fortnight we will see the start of the annual ‘National Tests’. The dates of each test can be seen in the table below and all tests will take place during the morning:

Date Test Year Group
Wednesday 2nd May Reading 3, 4, 5, & 6
Thursday 3rd May Mathematics: Numerical Reasoning 3 & 4
Friday 4th May Mathematics: Numerical Reasoning 5 & 6
Tuesday 8th May Mathematics: Procedural 3, 4, 5, & 6

Although the National Tests are important in tracking the progress of the pupils, all staff take great care to ensure that children feel as little stress as they possibly can about taking the tests. The message we give to the children is that we want them to ‘try their best’. Please contact the school if you feel your child is feeling overly anxious about taking the tests and you would like us to provide extra support.

It would be very much appreciated if children can have a good breakfast and an early night’s sleep the night before each of the tests. This will help the children to do as well as they possibly can on each day.