Staffing for next year


Class Name Year Group Teacher
Yellow 3 Ms. K. Storey


Green 3/4 Mr. R. Dimeck


Orange 4 Mrs K. Beeby


Purple 5 Mr. C. Lloyd


Blue 5/6 Miss V. Bodenham (Mon & Tues)

Miss K. Hillier (Wed – Fri)


Red 6 Mr. A. Ankin


In September, we will be welcoming Mrs Beeby who will be teaching the year 4 pupils in Orange Class. Mrs Beeby has worked in our school for the past term and is already a familiar face with the children and parents.

Unfortunately, we will be saying goodbye to Year 3 class teacher, Miss Pugh. Miss Pugh will be leaving us as she has secured a teaching positing in Dubai. Miss Pugh has made a significant contribution to the school over the last three years and we wish her the very best for the future.