FAO: Lower School Classes – Yellow, Green and Orange.

Teachers are beginning to gather information for annual reports and would like the children’s input.

Please discuss the following with your child(ren) and jot down their responses.

Three things I enjoyed learning about this year were … 

(i.e.  subject, topic, activity etc. Encourage your child to give reasons for their answer.)

My greatest achievement this year has been… 

(Again, encourage them to explain in as much detail as possible, with reasons.)

Next year, I think the most important things for me to develop are…

(try to give 2 or 3 suggestions)

You can either send typed comments or a photograph of handwritten comments to the class teacher’s email address, (this will be provided via Teams on Hwb), or you can have your child’s comments ready to discuss with the class teacher over the phone. Phone calls will be made from the week beginning 8th June 2020.

 Examples to help you will also be shared on Teams.

Thank you very much for your support.