School Re-opening Plan

Dear Parents / Carers

Our reopening plan is now available. The last two pages contain a ‘quick check’ section that will hopefully contain answers to most questions about the reopening. I’ve put key words or important information in bold type in that section.

Unfortunately, some of the information that we were expecting from CCBC has not yet been forthcoming, therefore the plan contains as much as we know and details our current plans as they stand but could be subject to change if any of the expected support on which we have based our ideas is not confirmed in the next week. Also, in the last day there have been suggestions that the last week of term (week beginning 20th July) might not take place. We are expecting a Local Authority decision on this that they are co-ordinating with the other Authorities in Wales. At the moment there seem to be changes on an almost daily basis and this makes any kind of forward planning very challenging. I will try to keep you as informed as possible.

The plan is based on advice and guidance we have received from the Welsh Government and specific departments in CCBC such as Health and Safety and Education. This is a time of great uncertainty for everyone and these last few months have been entirely uncharted territory for all of us and the months to come will be the same. The bottom line for the plan is that we will try to keep everyone- children, parents and staff, as safe as we possibly can.

As teachers work towards the preparation for the reopening their time available to interact online will be restricted.

In order to help any children who might be nervous about returning to school, we will be filming a video walk through of the schools next week when they should look more or less as they will on the first day back. We will put this video on the school blogs so that anyone worried can see what our schools look like now with the new signage and classroom organisation.

As detailed in the plan, teachers will be contacting you in the coming week.

I hope that you are all well and keeping safe.

Mr R Cook

Reopening Plan V6 Parents