Library Visits

This week, each class will be visiting Bedwas Library for one session of a school day. Yellow, Green and Orange are visiting on Wednesday.

Purple, Blue and Red classes will be visiting on Friday (Children in Need day), the children in these classes could bring a change of clothes to put on when they walk to the Library if they prefer. They will need a coat and shoes for the walk in case of poor weather.

Community Book Swap – Thank you

The Community Book Swap was a huge success and thank you to everybody who took part and donated books. Due to the success, we will be holding book swaps on a termly basis from now on. Any children’s books which were not taken home were used to replenish the school and class libraries and any adult’s books were donated to a local charity shop.

Community Book Swap

The community book swap will take place on Thursday 22nd June. Children’s books will be swapped during school time and children will be given the opportunity to take home books which have been donated. Parent/carer and teacher’s books can be swapped between 3.10pm and 4.00pm. Any children’s books which are not taken home will be used to replenish the school and class libraries and any adult’s books which are not taken home will be donated to a local charity shop.

Please send any books for the community book swap into school by the 21st June. Please ensure they are in a good condition for others and it would be appreciated if children’s and adult’s books are clearly labelled or separated.

Spring Fair  


Thank you to everyone who supported the Summer Fair last week. The fair was a huge success and we are pleased to announce £750 was raised from the event. Thank you so much to the PTA members and Miss Storey who work so hard in organising such fantastic events throughout the school year. The money raised will be spent on the Bedwas pupils.

Ffiliffest – Folk dancing

Pupils will be taking part in this year’s Ffiliffest, which is taking place in Caerphilly Castle on Saturday 17th June from 11:00am.  As well as the dancing, there will be lots of other performances on stage inside the castle.  There will also be activities, sports, stalls and a food area – Ffiliffest is a community event so everyone is welcome to attend!

Scooter Skills

On Tuesday 28th March pupils in years 3, 4 and 5 will have the opportunity to take part in a Scooter Safety Workshop run by Sustrans. During the workshop pupils will learn about the safest places to scoot, how to handle the scooter safely, how to share the pavement with pedestrians in a responsible manner and how to cross the road safely.

If you would like your child to take part in this workshop please ensure that they bring their scooter to school and that it is in good working order.

There is further information on how to perform an ‘L-Check’ safety inspection on the Sustrans website:

Eisteddfod Celebrations

Tomorrow, Rhydri and Bedwas pupils will be celebrating St. David’s Day together in Rhydri Village Hall on the morning of Wednesday 1st March. All children are requested to wear Welsh themed or red clothing to school on this day.

Throughout the morning of celebrations, children will be reciting Welsh poems, singing Welsh songs and performing with their musical instruments. Each class will be performing their poems on the stage in front of the rest of the pupils.

The ‘Tommy Cooper’ Happiness award!

Recently, the ‘Tommy Cooper Society’ visited school to present the children with a special award.  This award will be presented each week to the pupils who make others ‘happy’ in school!  We are very proud to have such a unique award in school.  The winners will also be able to wear a fez in class all day to celebrate their success!


The visit by the Tommy Cooper Society to school was recently reported in the Caerphilly Observer.  The link can be found at:





Parents Volunteers – Reminder

The school is very interested in inviting parents into school on a regular basis to volunteer and support pupils’ learning.  Regular support for individual pupils can make a huge difference to the level of progress a child would make over the year.  If you are interested, please contact our Deputy Head Teacher, Miss Bodenham.  It doesn’t matter if you do not have experience of working in a school.  Teachers will offer friendly, helpful advice to help you get started!

‘The Welsh and The Tehuelche’ Animation


Congratulations to the pupils of Purple Class of Bedwas Junior School and Gold Class in Rhydri Primary School who have created an animation about the Welsh settlers first meeting with the Tehuelche people of Patagonia.

Specialist teachers have been working with the classes on the project.  Jeremy Roberts, storyboard artist and Matt Beare, film literacy specialist, helped the children to explore the sequence of events that took place when the Welsh settlers arrived in Patagonia. Pupils learnt about the purpose of a storyboard and created their own based on their research.  Storyboards included the Welsh settlers making and trading bread and learning to hunt. In the next session, pupils wrote scripts based on their storyboards. Working alongside Gerald Conn from ‘Gritty Animation’ children drew and developed an animation using a range of specialist technology.  Finally, children recorded the narration in three languages – English, Welsh and Spanish.  Three versions of film exist in each of the languages.

The animation is currently being entered for a range of film festivals including the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.