Homework Information

Homework forms an important part of your child’s education and reinforces new topics which are taught in school throughout the week.  It is therefore imperative that homework tasks are completed and returned to school on time.  If you are having difficulties accessing the internet, the ICT suite is available for use from 3:10pm-4pm. Pupils are welcome to use the computers during this time to access homework tasks.  If, for any reason, the children are unable to complete their homework, it is expected that they bring a note to school explaining their reason.  Thank you to all parents who regularly support the school in ensuring that homework is completed on time and to a good standard.

Lower School

All children in Lower School are asked to complete ‘My Maths’ homework on a weekly basis, which helps to reinforce new topics taught in the subject throughout the week.  This week, in addition to ‘My Maths’, children in Yellow and Green class are to complete the handwriting activities which have been sent home with tonight.  Orange Class are to continue to rehearse a magic trick in preparation for their animation project next week.

Upper School

Children are expected to complete a ten minute online maths activity on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening. This will be set by their maths teacher, and will be accessed via http://www.mymaths.co.uk. From Thursday – Sunday, pupils will require access to their class blog, in order to write a reflective journal about two things that they have learnt during the week.  The children’s blogs will be marked weekly and should be completed to a high standard.  Children should spend approximately 20 minutes writing each reflection.

The amount of homework pupils receive will increase in Year 7.  Therefore, it is a very good idea to encourage your child to get into the habit of completing their homework on a regular basis.